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How to Choose Correct Painting Materials | Select Oil Painting Supplies


If you want to become an excellent painter, the most important thing you need to learn is to how choose correct painting materials.

Many find themselves spending plenty of money because they don’t know how to choose the right material. In fact, the outcome of the painting is not what most painters envision because of the materials they used. This is why it is important to learn how to choose the right materials for painting.

How to choose correct painting materials

When choosing a paint brush, there are two things to keep in mind; the type of paint and the surface of what you’ll be painting. There are many types of paint brushes. For water based coatings, choose nylon brushes.

Nylon brushes are durable and excellent for painting rough surfaces. They also maintain their shapes even in hot weather. But for oil based coatings, natural bristle is the best choice. Black and white bristles have the softest tips that help eliminate brushmarks on the canvas.

To choose the right brush, always look at the surface nicely. Larger brushes carry more paint while smaller brushes are not. Also, look for a paint brush that is in high quality so that your finish will be smoother.


It is never easy to know how to choose correct painting materials. This is why you should ask assistance from a person who knows how to, especially in buying rollers with extension poles. Many professional painters use two poles instead of just one on a roller frame grip. However, you may want to choose a roller you are comfortable to use with so that you will not be forcing yourself to use poles.

Paint trays come in a variety of materials. Some of them are metal while others are plastic. In choosing the correct tray, it is best to choose one that ranges to eleven inches. Also, look for one that works with a liner and a roller.

Painters have to know how to choose correct painting materials, particularly with paints. Do not compromise the quality of the paints with the cost. It doesn’t matter if the paints are expensive as long as the quality is high.

Choosing a canvas is also important. Look for a canvas that is large enough for your painting. There are many sizes for a canvas but it is best to choose those that are used in portrait paintings, as they are large enough for painting.

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